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Baby Girl Born 8/18/2023 

18 August 2023

I just got home from a magical birth. This family wanted a very different experience from the birth of their first child, where there was an induction for pre-eclampsia. This mama wanted as few interventions as possible, as long as she was safe. So, up against an induction deadline and pressure to induce after 41 weeks came and went, her waters broke naturally at home within 12 hours of her scheduled induction. From there, labor picked up on its own. They were able to labor at home until she felt ready to transition to the hospital, where I was able to meet them. From there, I witnessed a birth that went perfectly in every way it could go. I witnessed a spouse who was tuned into their partner's needs. I witnessed a birthing person moving in the way that her body wanted to move, and a team that supported her in that. I witnessed her move naturally into side-lying for pushing. And I witnessed a family as they welcomed a baby girl earthside around 5 am. How beautiful to be able to see a birth unfold exactly as it needed to. 

Baby Boy Born 5/27/2023 

29 April 2023

What a powerful birth to attend. There are times when you feel, as the doula or even just witness to birth, the power and rawness of birth. This was one of those times. I joined our laboring mama and her spouse in the labor and delivery room where they had just settled in. We spent some time trying to get settled into a good headspace, but kept getting interrupted with monitors that just weren't monitoring (you have one job, monitors!). Finally, she found her groove. She found ways that worked for her -- in spite of the cords that no one wanted -- and she settled into it. No back labor, like her first, and a side-lying birthing position (even when there was unnecessary pressure from the team in getting her to push on her back). She took the reins and directed our course. Incredible work, mama. 

Upcoming Maternity Leave! 

12 April 2023

We'll start with the announcement: I'm pregnant! Our family is growing and we're welcoming a new baby earthside this September. We are very excited (Mama and Dada) and confused but happy (Brooks). 

That said,  I am currently booked through the summer and I will be going on maternity leave beginning the second week of August. I will begin taking on doula clients again in early 2024. If you are here and seeking a doula, still reach out! I would love to offer connections to the other doulas in the area. There are so many wonderful humans I can recommend!

Maternity leave is a beautiful and necessary thing and every single birthing person should be entitled to it. It is unreasonable and unethical to expect a person to return to the grind earlier than 12 weeks postpartum (and that's still pushing it!). I would call this a hot take but I can't because it's not! It's critical to the health and betterment of our society and, honestly, it's pretty basic. That's all. *Steps off soap box*

During this time away from active client support,  B I R T H P E A C E  will  see some changes in offerings! Very excited about the new additions that I will begin to offer the birthing population in 2024. Much love to all of you. I'm still here, so feel free to still reach out (just expect a possible delay in response lol babies can do that to a person!). 

BirthPeace Update: We've Moved!

6 September 2022

Bittersweet. The best word to use in a move like this. The sadness of leaving the friends and connections of one place (which happened to be the place where I started my doula journey and birthed my sweet baby) mixed with the excitement and joys of meeting new friends and learning about a new birthing world. New cities bring new hospitals and new dynamics, new opportunities for growth and new connections. 

I am extremely grateful to the doulas, OBs, and midwives of Middle Georgia. Those of you who helped me begin this journey into birthwork - thank you. To my own midwife - thank you! We will miss you all as we begin this new chapter in our journey. (Shoutout to the doula who saw me through my birth - See you next in Kansas!)

Wichita! We are excited to be here! As we settle in and try all the foodie options around town, we are also settling into the birthworld. I am looking forward to building connections at Wesley, St. Joseph's, with the local midwives and chiropractors, and of course with the doulas here! As I settle in here, I will slowly begin taking on clients of my own. Check here or social media for all my latest updates!

Baby Girl Born 6/29/2022

30 June 2022

Welcoming a beautiful baby girl into the world on June 29th. She weighed in at 8 lbs and 8 oz and came to us QUICKLY! This mama was bound and determined to avoid interventions for her second birthing experience... and because of this, she chose to spend most of her labor at home. It was a powerful thing to see a person stand up for exactly what she wanted and not back down to the medical world. It helps tremendously to have a team that wants to support YOU and your wants. Though her OB wanted to admit her and start her on pitocin, this mama stood up for herself and advocated for the birth that she wanted. And she made it happen! Mom checked into the hospital at 7 cm and labored at the hospital for 3 hours before baby girl was ready to join us earthside. Bravo to this powerhouse of a woman and congratulations to the family.

Baby Boy Born 5/6/2022

7 May 2022

Sometimes we plan and plan and plan and plan. And things still don't go the way that we want them to. This is a hard, often painful, lesson in letting go and accepting that a higher power has plans for us that are out of our control.  

To be able to face that reality with grace - the way that this family did - is an incredibly humbling thing to watch unfold. 

This family was attempting a VBAC and tried everything in the book - in EVERY book - to get labor moving. This mama was fiercely determined to bring her baby into the world by vaginal birth. And despite all best efforts, sometimes, there are factors well out of your control that lead you down another path.

Baby boy was born on May 6th weighing in at 7 lbs 13 oz. And what a powerful birth experience this was. Baby boy is healthy and mama is recovering well. Congratulations to this family on your newest addition. You have SO much to be proud of!

Baby Girl Born 11/19/2021

20 November 2021

So happy to welcome a healthy baby girl into this world on the FULL MOON Friday. New mama and papa are smitten and soaking up the newborn snuggles. Mama had a wonderful labor and she was so powerful as she brought this life into the world. It was wonderful, too, to see the new daddy supporting his wife SO WELL. The full moon is a powerful thing, isn't it?!

Congratulations to the family on their sweet new addition.

The Birth of Brooks Manuel

21 September 2021

I finally have it all written down! Just after he turned two months, too! Here's the story of Brooks' birth:

"Because of the change in our due date, the last few weeks of my pregnancy were long and drawn out. Every new cramp or twinge was worth jumping for – Could this be it?! Was that a contraction? What is that downward pressure?!  We were waiting not-so-patiently as the final weeks came and went. Then the new, earlier due date, July 8, came and went. And we were finally approaching our original due date of July 20. ... Continue Reading

Accepting Due Dates Until May 31, 2021

25 January 2021

In the doula world, if you haven't already had a child and plan on eventually having children, there is a saying that the more time you spend covering birth topics, there is a great likelihood that you'll end up pregnant yourself. 

They weren't wrong!

I'm about a year into my doula journey and am currently 15 weeks pregnant. My husband and I are very thrilled to go on our first birth journey, with an estimated due date of July 20, 2021. With that in mind, I aim to support birthing people as long as I am able to into my late pregnancy. As of right now, I am signing on due dates up through the end of May

(If you have a June due date and are interested in hiring me as your doula, let's talk it through! I can be flexible, but no promises - it all depends on how baby and I are feeling in June.)

In the next months, I am running a pregnancy special: Sign on for a doula contract with a due date before May 31, 2021 and receive a $200 discount on the doula package of your choice. Sign up for a free consultation here.

Happy Pregnancy!

Baby Boy Born 12/03/2020

5 December 2020

Hi all! Just got home from attending the beautiful birth of a baby boy. Being at a birth excites me and brings me such joy. Seeing the new parents adjusting to having this small human with them and seeing their love for one another and their new baby, now earthside, is spectacular. 

My favorite moment from this particular birth: When baby boy first emerged earthside, he stretched his little limbs out as far as he could reach and opened his eyes to look right at his exhausted, shocked, strong momma. He locked his gaze in on her and didn't look away at all. How wonderful. 

Cheers to this happy, healthy baby and happy, healthy momma. Congratulations on your new family <3

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