My name is Allison. My family and I are currently living in Wichita, KS. I am a doula serving the ICT greater area and would love to be able to serve you and your family. As a military family, we understand not being close to family and value the importance of having someone with you on your journey to parenthood.

To get a better sense of who I am (I'm a quiz-taker):
Sun Libra / Rising Sagittarius / Moon Leo
Enneagram: 2
Myers-Briggs: INFJ
Love Language: Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service

On a doula front, though: I have been interested in and enamored with birth for a very long time. I completed my Level 1 Doula Training with Mama Glow in May 2020 and completed Level 2 Doula Training in August 2020. I have completed numerous breastfeeding classes, period and fertility health webinars, and continue research to further my education. I have supported 10 birth experiences to date. Fun fact: I don't get weirded out by talking about anything! I love talking about sex, pregnancy, fertility, babies and their poop... you name it - I'm ready to talk about it (as in - you certainly don't need to be nervous asking me about your mucus plug...!).

On a yoga front: I have been practicing yoga for over a decade now and have been a registered yoga teacher since I completed my training in August of 2016. I currently teach private sessions and I am comfortable teaching all levels and most types of yoga ranging from chair yoga to vinyasa flow and everything in between. I completed my first Prenatal Training in August 2020 and I completed Flow of Life's 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in November of 2022. 


The things that guide me as a doula and a yoga instructor: 

| Building community | Knowledge is POWER | "Aha!" Moments of Self-Exploration | Affirmation and Validation

B I R T H   P E A C E ,   L  L  C

doula and birth services

Providing individualized birth experiences and yoga in Wichita, Kansas

Allison Orjala
Phone: (763) 412-9539
Email: BirthPeaceDoula@gmail.com